Angelika Hoerle



Angelika Fick Hoerle (1899-1923) lived hard and died young. In spite of her youth, she left a promising artistic legacy. Moving through the influences of WW I, the German Revolution and Dada, she developed artistic styles that foreshadowed Surrealism and the Cologne Progressives.

Angelika Hoerle and her artist husband Heinrich Hoerle were key figures in the Dada movement in Cologne, and she created an outstanding body of work - now almost entirely housed at the AGO - from 1919 until her untimely death in 1923.

Angelika Hoerle

Frauenportrait 1921

Angelika Hoerle, Mann mit Auge entfernt, 1921

Fick-Eggert Collection, Art Gallery of Ontario

Anton Räderscheidt Angelika Hoerle Marta Hegemann 1923

Angelika Hoerle, Anton Räderscheidt, Marta Hegemann, Heinrich Hoerle 1923


Angelika Hoerle von Heinrich Hoerle „Pockennarbige Angelika“ 1922

Mappe „Lebendige“ mit Holzschnitten von Angelika Hoerle

Werbeschrift für ,a b c‘  Mappe ein Bilderbuch mit 25 Arbeiten von Angelika Hoerle

erschienen im Verlag Stupid 1920

Angelika Hoerle,

aus Schamade 1920

Angelika Hoerle, 1914