Anton Räderscheidt

Camp Magliaso

The painter of the New Objectivity


On August 1, 1943 Ilse Salberg was allowed to visit Magliaso and made a photo report about the camp. The photos recovered show the work and life of the internees, a photographed picture painted by Räderscheidt that stood in the camp provides information about everyday life “The Home for the homeless “.

The intellectuals peeling potatoes, …

field work, …

for intellectual activity and …

the feast on August 1, 1943.

The camp poster was painted by Anton Räderscheidt. An intern poses as Willhelm Tell.

Portrait Hanspeter Isenegger, Son of the family who ran the Magliaso camp with his half-sister Sonja Huez.

Lagerkommandant Kohler with a Portrait by Anton Räderscheidt